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Elderly Care

Some of our loved ones have gotten to the point where they can't live dependently anymore. They've tried and struggled, but we won't let that happen anymore. It's time to give your loved ones some of the best foster care there is.

Our community based services allow us to have our tenants feel together. Your loved ones will be in the best care when they're with us. We’re in constant engagement with ongoing legislative and regulatory changes. This means we’re up-to-date with changes in HCS, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Elderly Care

We also work around your schedule for visitation. Evenings and weekends are available if you need to be there at any point. Don’t be taken for granted, we’re here to work for your loved ones and their family.

Here at Lidia's Blessed Home, we're dedicated to giving you the best companion care for your loved ones. If you need foster care services, contact Lidia's Blessed Home in Modesto, CA today!