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***** Lidia's Blessed Home is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 2 reviews!

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    Lidia’s Blessed Home is a wonderful home environment for loved ones to live. My sister was treated with dignity and respect. I highly recommend Lidia’s Blessed Home.

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    This review is for Lidia's:

    We have met many nice people in our lives and Lidia and her husband, Augustino (I think he goes by "Tino"), are part of that experience. Romanian immigrants, they are the definition of the American Dream. They capitalized on Tino's building skills in attaching a building to their basic house to create a modern, six-bed handicapped accessible facility.

    Both Lidia and Tino are politically conservative and deeply religious, with Tino being a minister in his Romanian church. And they practice their religion. Their adult children also work in the home and are well-loved by the residents.

    Meals are prepared in the kitchen with Lidia many times offering fresh squeezed orange juice or smoothies in the mornings. The menu can be tailored to the likes of the collective residents and is simply home-made. Yum.

    The back yard is large with fruit trees, a large BBQ grilling area with covered patio and grape vines on the trellis and along the fence. What a beautiful and calm place to have a meal, read a book, chat with your co-residents or to just take a nap.

    It is a secure facility for dementia patients.

    Lidia and Tino are very personable and could convert into a bed and breakfast at any time. I cannot think of a more loving environment than that of Lidia's as either B&B or assisted living.

    No outings are provided other than transportation to medical appointments.

    The only drawback is that with only six residents, the mix of personalities and abilities would set the tone of the home.

    Why did my mother-in-law move from Lidia's? There were two of the six residents who were in very failing health, whom she described as "zombies" which made her very uncomfortable.